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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Special Tribute to special people

I would like to thank my core campaign team for their efforts in this past election. I am proud to have had an excellent team at my side. I hope they are around to help if I run again in the future. I had full confidence in their sincerity as demonstrated by their participation and support. I want to especially thank Lorna Acuña for her unswerving and exceptional dedication to seek what is right and good for this community. She fought to the end with her winning spirit. Hats off to great people like her who understand the issues and want The Woodlands to be an excellent place to live. Our core team as well as our core supporters knew we were the underdogs and needed support from the masses, but the masses did not show up. All of us tried to get them to the polls. Despite the overwhelming odds, my team managed to run a quality, positive and focused campaign on a relatively low budget. I believe we had the best quality and innovative ideas deployed of all campaigns in this election.  

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