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Monday, May 10, 2010

Special thanks to my supporters

Over the last twelve years, I have gained many friends through volunteering, networking and just pure friendship. With your support, I managed to garner only 10% of the vote, but that did not truly reflect what I was hearing from you throughout the campaign. The people wanted change in the neighborhoods that I canvassed. Those who voted were primarily voting on loyalty, not issue. My campaign was for the ordinary citizen, like myself, who worries about high taxes, who struggles with budgets, who simply wants someone to represent them in government and make life better for them, while they live their lives  without hassle. I could have done that. I know the system and know the people running it.

Our community remains at risk, so I will not lay down my arms. The risk is from those who continue to prioritize their own agendas over those of the public.

My apology to those who voted for and were hoping for change. I will try to make impact wherever I have the opportunity.  We know that George Mitchell does not live here, so I would never call him for an endorsement. He does not pay your taxes,  put up with loud traffic or worry about the crime happening around him. I understand the political machine and will work into it more as time goes on. You were not consulted in the past on many decisions made on your behalf. That is why I need to be there.

Many thanks to those who listened, even if you did not make it to the polls.

Please understand that likely I cannot help you in my current position. I had to be voted into office to have direct influence and leverage your will. However, I am here and available and will continue to do what I can to help you. You are The Woodlands, not the concrete and steel. 

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