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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Early Voting - responsibility to the public

How important is it to understand the residents in the community for which you volunteer to serve? I have always advocated that real residents should occupy seats in our government. Can a real resident be a part of the governing body and make a difference? What do I mean by a "real" resident? I mean one who lives among his neighbors, talks with them regularly and reaches out into the community to listen. Over the past few days, most of the candidates or their volunteers have been at the community center trying to be the last voice heard before entering the voting booth. That effort is the name recognition game of politicians. When I go vote, I do my homework in advance and abhor being approached by people waving signs and approaching me. That is just me. You may like it, but I could tell when I was there, that most people do not. It is a circus.

I have been canvassing people at their homes, seeking to get them to the polls and exchanging ideas and thoughts. I will continue doing that until election day. Representation entails knowledge first and action second. One resident stated "I will vote for you just because no one else knocked on my door." I am not seeking such endorsements and that sounds rather trite, but the statement came from a person who just learned that there is an election, and there are real residents offering their skills and value system to the public.

Yes, we are not as slick in our approach to the voters. I do not represent the financial and Montgomery county elite, but I do certainly represent the normal resident. This is an unpaid position, but there are apparent trails of money and power involved behind this, when you look into it closely. If you voted in the last election, you likely know what I mean. I just seek responsible spending for the majority of residents. The campaign finances of the incumbent tells much of his story. Look even beyond that and more will be revealed. The middle class economics of The Woodlands is under stress. Don't you think those elected to the board should be sensitive to that?

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